AlfredoWe must stop paying attention to non-medical advice and find ourselves a good gynecological team to accompany you through the different times of your life; since the first period to potential pregnancies and deliveries or those stages where you need to use contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies and so on until we reach menopause. Not to mention the periodic checkups which will enable you to evaluate and control from simple discomforts to diseases that caught early, can save you some trouble. We have to think that breast cancer, or uterine, endometrial, or ovarian one detected in its early stages can be controlled and cured without complications. Someone you trust to clarify your doubts at all times, treating the various pathologies that arise throughout life, advising you at all times; whether we need the HPV vaccine, or if a hormone treatment is adequate, or which contraception method is appropriate or what guidelines to follow in your pregnancy. A medical team whom you can ask about all those things you care about and that require the advice of someone with experience in the matter. A gynecological team that should always be by your side, accompanying you from the beginning and especially during the 10 months of gestation, directing and helping in childbirth, which will be the most difficult part. Secondly we must listen and heed their advice, get used to doubt your environment, since often although they sincerely want to help, they are not in the truth and the advice may be wrong for these current days.